This blog for all intents and purposes is meant to be simple yet enlightening. I have come to find that it truly is those simpler things in life that we come to know, that we take for granted to share. So this blog is my way of sharing those simpler things; be it apps that have enriched our son’s education, discussions I have had with friends that have made me or them go “hmm,” insights from my energy work, or simply thoughts on something I’ve read.

I am not a physician. I do not prescribe anything and would encourage you to do your due diligence in asking your physician their recommendations. I am simply sharing that which I have tried in our lives that has benefited us.

I have found through my energy work that we all become stuck in life’s routines or patterns: thoughts, relationships and mostly how we approach things.

When my husband and I welcomed our son into this World, we had envisioned a different parenthood. A week after our son’s birth we were confronted with a different reality than the one we had expected, our son was diagnosed with a heart condition that lead the doctors to believe that he was with Down syndrome, which was later confirmed through a genetic test.

There were certain beliefs and thoughts we both had to shed so that we may become the parents Jack was truly meant to have. If we had kept our perspectives of what we had learned through society, or our own perspectives of our own interactions with people with Down syndrome and their capabilities, I do not feel our son would have be as successful today as he is.

This major transition in our life has motivated me to share what we have done differently for ourselves so that others may benefit and choose what resonates with them. This is my perspective from our own life experience.

One of my truest beliefs even in the hardest of times is: Everything happens for a reason. We had to have Jack just as he is so that we can become who we are meant to be. Let’s not take for granted the impact having Jack has been on us and those around us…hence Cynchronisity.

May we all be blessed to come together to be touched from the many miles of distance to truly being centered in a gifted reality. Please join me on this blog of sharing a part of my life’s journey and may it encourage you to share yours.

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