Ask and You Shall Recieve

  It is familiar phrase that we have often heard, “ask and you shall receive. “It is something that was stated in the Bible and has made its greatest impression upon me recently.

As a child, my parents often impressed upon me the importance of asking my teachers or anyone I was involved with for help. It was difficult for me as I was shy and sometimes it was that I didn’t want to seem as if I couldn’t do it myself.
Becoming a parent and having a child with special needs, has made me more comfortable asking for what I need and or reaching out to people and seeing if they can help me get what I need. 
This simple phrase has truly facilitated my healing sessions with individuals. It sounds rather simple, yet we can all do it and ask for assistance from each other and/or from Divine.
I remember the first time I was asked to work on a cancer patient. He was a family member I had never met, who had been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given just a couple months to live. It was a last resort for the family. He didn’t want to do any type of cancer treatment and so I was requested to do a session. He was up north, I was here in Florida. I asked permission from his soul to work on him and from God to facilitate his best and highest healing, to give him a quality life in his last days. 
What transpired dumbfounded me. Not only was his life extended a couple more months so that he could resolve any family matters…he never went on any pain medications. Most importantly, he lived his last days comfortably.
I remember a client I got who wanted something specific worked on. This client had daymares that had transpired from nightmares and were all consuming her life during the day. She wanted to be rid of these daymares as they were causing near death incidences. I asked for permission to work on these specifically. I gave her the information of where they stemmed from, something from childhood that had been left unresolved. She had not been able to sleep throughout the night for quite some time and her driving was being impeded by these visions. After our session she slept throughout the night and her daymares completely ceased.
It is important that we all remember to “ask.” A massage therapist I recently worked on used this technique with one of her clients. She was trying to help her client release a chronic symptom, a shoulder that needed releasing. She had massaged this client several months and finally, while she was massaging her asked, “What would it take for her shoulder to release?” Low and behold, the shoulder moved perfectly into place and she and her client were relieved. 
We are all connected. We can truly effect each other positively or negatively from near or far. When we ask and are in tune with what is in our best interest or that of someone else’s best interest, we really can receive. In receiving we are not selfish. In fact, we allow others to feel gratitude in being of assistance. We co-create a reciprocal relationship of positive give and take. In so doing, we create more positivity in the world.  

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